How to get reviews from your client

You rocked it! You worked hard for your client and they are so happy! They are dripping you with compliments and have not stopped saying thank you for the past fifteen minutes. You smile and ask, “Can you please write me a testimonial?” They say they will. Your super excited, and then days, and even weeks go by. Nothing. Crickets.

But they were so happy with your service. If only they would have written that Google, Houzz or Facebook review. ☹ It would surely have helped you get more clients in the future.

Don’t fret. Your client still loves you and what you did for them. Believe it or not they do want to help. Writing testimonials are hard and can often feel like a chore. Think about the last time you wrote a testimonial for one of your suppliers. You want to say the right thing and often put it off for awhile until you have more time to write something particularly good. Then, often, life happens, and it doesn’t get written.

The good news is there are ways to make it easier for our clients!

  1. Give them some guideline questions to follow, rather than having them create something from the top of their heads. Some people are not word smiths. However, most people can write a great testimonial by answering honestly and with heart to specific questions. CREATE A FEEDBACK QUESTIONNAIRE. Keep it simple asking three questions.Here are some suggestions:
    1. What was the best part of working with ABC Staging?2. Would you recommend ABC Staging to others? Why?3. If you could only use three words to describe your experience with ABC Staging, what three words would you use?
  2. Other comments: Leave room for them to offer their own comments. You may be surprised, once they begin raving about you they will think of things you may not have.
  3. Credits: Be sure to get their name and title they would like to be referred to.
  4. Compile + Compose: Once they fill out the feedback put it together for them in a concise manner with quotes and their name and title. Send it back to them via email and ask if this is okay to use on your website. Thank them for taking the time to fill out the feedback form, and if they wouldn’t mind taking five more minutes to copy and paste it to these two sites: LINK TO GOOGLE REVIEW and LINK TO HOUZZ. Explain, that HOUZZ does require a few steps like to register to post the review, but that you get many clients from the site, and it would be the biggest thing they can do for you and that you are so grateful.
  5. FOLLOW UP! If someone does not answer your three questions in the first 48 hours. Send a reminder email, then another after 72 hours and a third reminder one week later. You are not being a pest, people are busy. Keep your reminders fun. Say things like, “I know we all get busy, and I understand if you were unable to answer my questions a few days ago, I’m hoping you might have some time now. Your feedback is super important to the growth of our business and is the biggest thanks you can give us!” Don’t be afraid to call up the client and ask them the questions over the phone. “Hi John, I sent you an email a few days ago asking for feedback on our project. I’m working on some marketing promotion for our company and would LOVE to get that testimonial from you. Do you mind if I just ask you over the phone? I can write the answers and send them to you for your approval by email? Do this, and then follow Step Two above. ?

If you want to avoid all the above process, while the client is raving and excited and you are standing right in front of them, whip out your smart phone and record them! When you get home, you can transcribe parts of the recording and do step two for HOUZZ and GOOGLE.


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