Pricing, Presenting + Packaging

Overcome Pricing Challenges

Have you ever completed a project to find out you actually lost money? Or maybe made so little you felt cheated and discouraged? Do you struggle over competing with others in the industry, when they are charging so little you have to wonder, just how they are still in business? Do you struggle to get clients to pay your service fees? Would you like to see more industry professionals UNDERSTAND pricing so we can move forward as an industry and finally have our clients value our profession by paying proper rates for our services?

In this 8 step course, you will learn:

  • How to establish and set up your own pricing structures so they make sense to you and YOUR bottom line. No matter what city, country or world you live in!
  • How to create packages and descriptions that will back up the prices you establish.
  • 4 different ways to display your pricing in your packages, and deliver them so your clients will feel you’re not just pulling numbers out of thin air!
  • How to compete with lower priced “professionals” in your area…without compromising your own pricing and professionalism!

Course Outline

Step One & Two: Establishing Your Fair Market Pricing

–>To establish fair market pricing for your services.

We will look at how we value ourselves, and how that effects what we charge.
We discuss undercharging and the reasons people undercharge. And then, we look at Break-Even Points and how they are important to our pricing formula.

Step Three & Four: Packaging It UP!

–>To packaging your services to support your pricing

We will identify our ideal client, understand their needs and challenges, and then create offers with clear messages for each of our core services.


Step Five & Six: Added Values and Trust Building Blocks

–>To support your pricing with added value and trust building blocks
–>To make your package offerings so great, they would be crazy not to hire you!

We will explore what makes us different, what we have to offer that others do not. How we can use these things to compete with those in our industry charging less than we are. We will also learn to prove our claims with trust building blocks. When we build the trust, the sale comes faster and easier.

Steps Seven & Eight: Rejection & 7 Crucial Elements

–>To understand pricing correctly is not enough, your presentation can kill a project quickly and leave you thinking it was price.

We will explore reasons they may reject your offer and ways to improve our deliverance of our presentations.

Pricing has been a passion of mine since I held my first Marketing Retreat and realized 8 out of 10 small business are not pricing correctly. They are making crucial pricing mistakes that will cost them dearly on the bottom-line.
The pricing course you are about to embark is not just about establishing a fair price, but about how to deliver it in a way your clients are begging to work with you!

All my courses are set up in step by steps….
1) download and print the workbook
2) watch the videos
3) complete the tasks in each step

In this course, when you have completed the course, you will have established your services, set your prices, created an excel sheet to track your profits per service, and more!

~ Angela xox