Facebook Groups + Networking Opportunities

Facebook allows you to create groups, here are a few groups I manage or own. Please feel free to ask for an invite if you meet the requirements of membership.

For Stagers: The Home Stagers Group is a network of professionals who share their staging dilemmas without a competitive nature – a sounding board amongst friends. Note: You must have invested in your staging business through RESA Membership, School Training, or set up a professional website to qualify.

New Home Stagers: The For New Home Stagers Group is a network of people thinking of starting a career in home staging, or they have been in business for 2 or less years. (Note: If you feel new, even if your business was started more than two years ago, you can still join.)


For Decorators + Interior DesignersThe Decorators and Interior Design Group  is a network group for decorators and interior designers to share ideas and inspirations. It is a structured group with themes each week. Invite Only.

Staging + Decorating Business Owners: MARKETING: For the staging and design industry is an international group of small business owners who help each other solve marketing challenges & discuss ways to increase awareness of our businesses on Facebook & other social media. Marketing BRAINCAMP meetings are held every Saturday in this group.

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