Learn to Blog – Basics

Start Your Own Blog!

Are you ready to start blogging? Just not sure how? I often joke in my classes about being a blog-pusher. The leverage of a blog is so powerful, and can impact your business in so many ways. It can educate and build relationships with potential clients, set you up as an expert in your field, help your website be found in search engines, give you content to share and attract people back to your website, be great newsletter content and more! The benefits and results can far out way the time and money you would spend on a blog. I truly believe it is one of the biggest bang for your buck investments in marketing you can make. I have created this course for new bloggers!

In this 6 step course, you will learn:

  • How to establish and set up your own blog
  • How to get started with SEO + Keywords
  • The construction of a good blog, including call for actions
  • How to set the mood + target a specific audience
  • To never run out of relevant topics, with a great 5 minute blog-storming exercise!
  • How to schedule, plan and save time executing your blogging!

Course Outline

Step One: Why Blog? Setting Goals!

–>To explore what blogging can do for us and set our goals.

We will briefly review all the benefits of staging, explore our goals and talk about the different ways we can set up our blog audience. This is the beginning of the planning stages of blogging.

Step Two: How to set up a blog

–>To determine which platform and explore the technical sides of blogging.
–>To explore themes and plugins.

We will look  behind scenes of a blog, exploring wordpress and the different theme and plugin options you have to start your own blog.


Step Three: SEO Keywords

–>To learn how keywords work + how to choose the right ones for your blog posts

We will explore the world of SEO and by the end of this workshop, you will have established a detailed cheat sheet to make adding keywords to each and every post, an easy step!

Steps Four: The Construction of A Blog Posting

–>To understand the full construction of a good blog including call for actions.

We will look at the anatomy of a blog post and create a step-by-step, easy to implement, planning process for each blog.

Steps Five: Blog-storming!

–>To learn a technique for never running out of blog ideas!
–>To flush and plan your ideas for maximized impact

I will share with you my technique for blog-storming, and how you can come up with 50+ ideas for blog content, in less then 10 minutes! We will also talk about best scheduling processes that will save you time.

Steps Six: Leveraging Your Blog

–>To learn marketing actions you can implement to maximize your blog reach

We will discuss many ways to get a blog following, to reuse your content and strategic ways to get the most exposure from your blog. This will include: Guest bloggers, contests, social media + more!