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Marketing Coaching

FOR SERIOUS RESULT-DRIVEN BUSINESS OWNERS: In a world where marketing is vast and there are so many options out there for a professional to choose from when trying to attract more clients, it is no wonder, that it can be both confusing and overwhelming to know how to effectively market to attract the ideal client. How are they to know in which order to tackle each marketing task, and how to find the time to fit everything in, while still having time to service clients? When you work with me, I will guide you through a proven process, to effectively reach your business goals.

Workshops + Events

CONFERENCE & EVENT PLANNERS: Are you looking for an engaging speaker for your next event? There are a variety of marketing topics to choose from: Your Business on Juice (Profit!) – A Proven Marketing Model, Blog like a Pro, Secure Your Next Job Opportunity with a Pitch that Wows and other marketing topics. I can design a marketing presentation specifically geared towards your audience.

Marketing Strategy

Tired of using the fly-by-the-seat-of-the-pants marketing method? Do you want to make this year a profitable success? Attract your ideal clients by setting your business up on a solid marketing foundation.


Dramatically increase your chance of achieving your goals with an accountability partner. I can help you deal with challenges, setbacks, personal fears, decision making doubts, all while keeping you on track, one action at a time.

Support + Partner

You are not alone. Often we need someone to notice when we do good work, and care enough to give us a kick in the right direction when we are slacking. Someone to bounce ideas off of, to acknowledge we are on the right track or save us from our own selves. I am a great listener, with an arsenal of tools and resources to get you through it!

Processes + Efficiency

Are there gaps in your business structure? Not sure? Wish you had better processes and systems in place, so you can be more efficient and profitable? Together, we can re-evaluate and amend if necessary, your existing processes, or set up new ones to keep you moving forward.

What Is Marketing Coaching?

A marketing coach is a partner in your business, who helps you focus on your marketing strategy to reach and exceed your business goals.

Who Is Coaching For?

My coaching process is ideal for the serious business owner who desires more from their business. They want a proven support structure, ongoing accountability, access to valuable industry resources, and effective marketing strategies to reach their next goal in their business.

What is My Process Like?

Using a marketing model I have fine-tuned over the past six years, by implementing research and resources from my 17 years of experience in the home staging and design industry, I provide one-on-one coaching, group workshops, video training and onstage marketing insights to, business owners.

1. Free "Are We a Good Fit!?" coaching video call

I believe you would’nt partner with anyone in your business without a meeting to see if you would work well together. Your marketing coach should be no different. Over an exploratory one-hour video chat, we take advantage of our time, to check each other out. I will ask questions about your businewouldn’tss history, challenges, and goals. You will have the opportunity to ask me questions as well, about my program and, what solutions and resources I can bring to our partnership. You may also take advantage of our time to ask any marketing questions. Prior to our meeting, to really maximize our chat, I usually request you answer a couple of questions by email and write down any additional questions you may have.

2. Choose Your Coaching or Training Program

Based on your needs and desires for your business, we will determine what type of program will give you the best results for your investment. We will set up a plan with consideration of your resources, time frame and the way you learn and execute best. Although, my program follows a best practise marketing method, it is not cookie cutter. Every plan is designed for the individual based on the decisions they make through each step of the process.

3. Accountability + Consistency

Establishing a schedule that is both consistent and measurable, one hour slots are set up weekly (or bi-weekly) for a 10 session minimum commitment. These meetings are held by video chat, using either Zoom or FB private messenger.

Coaching Packages

Marketing Plan

Based on the proven OTB Marketing Intensive marketing course (Est. 2012),  this coaching package is designed to have business owners complete their own customized Marketing Plan in 10 easy steps, over 10 sessions. Participants will learn to create a 6-12 month marketing plan for their own business, with one-on-one guidance.

More Details

•10 Step Instruction & Coaching
•12 Month Marketing Planner
•Networking & Strategy Sessions

You will learn:

  • how to make more money in your business
  • secrets to getting more referrals more often!
  • to increase your profit margin with existing clients
  • ways to set your business apart from your competition
  • how to identify + attract your IDEAL client
  • a 1 hour evaluation method to easily check your market­ing progress
  • to forecast how much money you will make next year
  • 10 powerful ways to save time and money in marketing your business
  • to set up a custom process to turn potential clients into existing ones!
  • a formula for creating CLEAR and ACTION-DRIVEN marketing messages
  • to establish a step-by-step monthly marketing action plan

Your monthly marketing actions fit on 2 pages! With Angela’s guidance you will customize your own marketing plan, and itemize a step-by-step task list that fits into a manageable weekly workload. You set your own goals, your own hours and your own marketing budget, while your coach guides you into making sure your actions are impacting, balanced and viable.


Group Coaching

The OTB group coaching allows business owners to create a 12-month marketing plan with guidance in a group setting.


More Details

See 12-month marketing plan program course. The steps are the same, however, you are working in a group setting.


Coaching + Branding Builder

This combination package Includes 20 sessions of one-on-one coaching,  and full package of custom design promotional marketing material. Great for new business owners + experienced stagers/designers looking to revamp their brand.

More Details

20 Sessions (May choose Custom Marketing Plan Program, or 5 Star Program)

Branding + Promotional Support Tools:
– Logo Package (all formats needed with an information card on fonts, colors and, variations of the logo)
– Promotional Package – Business Card, Brochure, Letterhead, Email Template, Cover Page for Proposals, Facebook Banner
– Consultation Reports (Custom designed with your logo)
– Website revamp/new website (WordPress platform) with blog



Marketing Your Staging or Decorating Business Can Be Complex.

You can be the most talented stager or decorator, but marketing can be overwhelming. It doesn’t need to be. With the guidance of a marketing coach, you can…

  • Learn to market effectively
  • Decrease marketing costs
  • Gain access to marketing strategies
  • Establish marketing goals & actions to reach them

If you want your marketing efforts to:

  • attract more of your ideal client
  • increase your profit margins
  • grow your visibility
  • and gain a reputation of being an industry expert

And you want a marketing coach who…

  • you do not have to explain what the home staging and decorating industry is like
  • has resources and tools to make your marketing process easier
  • has helped 1000’s of other stagers and decorators market their business since 2006
  • knows what you need to know, even if you don’t

Then you have found your marketing girl.

I know the staging & decorating industry. I am passionate about marketing and good at it! Just as you are about staging & decorating. Let me help you succeed in your marketing efforts, allow me to turn on your marketing conscious. I will guide you with step-by-step actions that help you “Get it done!” and get the results you need to have a successful, profitable business.

~ Angela


Marketing Retreat…12 Month Marketing Plans
The Marketing Retreat met and exceeded my expectations. I knew we were going to work one on one, but it was better then I expected. Also, once you write everything down you realize marketing really isn’t that hard. You just need a system and a list of what you need to do before you can implement that system. I am good about writing to do lists, but I get so overwhelmed with that list that I do nothing. Giving myself all of April and just a couple of hours a day makes it feel attainable. I knew that I had all the skills I needed to be successful. My problem was how to find my clients. I personally learned there is a target market for me that I never would have found on my own. It’s great having other people to brainstorm with. It came naturally in a conversation instead of sitting down with a blank piece of paper staring at me. I knew marketing was my weak point. I have read so much on marketing, but I was still having trouble. I knew a week with Angela would be the solution. So worth the money and the time spent away, so I could focus on my business. It’s hard to take time away from your family, but you will learn so much that will build your business which in the end, is great for your family.

Jamie Cochran, MI

“Your marketing course -once implemented- really boosted my sales and production. I highly recommend it! …it was worth it, it’s still being implemented and still paying off! (2 years later)”

Jill Gargus, Edmonton, AB

Pricing Answers for MY Business…

“As a new stager one of the biggest questions I had was “How should I price my services?” None of the stagers in my area had their prices posted online so I was unsure where to even start. After taking the Pricing, Presenting and Packaging course, I now know that even if I could see what other stagers were charging, I needed to set MY pricing based on MY business model, to meet MY expenses and goals. This course gives you all the information you need to not only set a fair (but profitable) price for your services, but provides insights to understanding clients and presenting yourself as the better choice for them. The way Angela has the excel sheets set up for you makes it easy to see the “correct” price for your business. I highly recommend this class for anyone that is not sure what to charge for their services, anyone that has been in business but isn’t happy with how profitable their business is, or anyone that wants to make more money by working smarter not harder! ”

Maggie Setler, Pittsburgh Home Stager

Easy to Implement…

“After taking the Pricing, Presenting and Packaging program, I was able to decode my pricing and services, providing value and packages options to my clients. I am now able to offer an instant Home Staging Estimate in a blink of an eye! This program is “An eye opener to pricing correctly, See your price vs. services, concise, easy to follow, resourceful”

Orlando Reyes, Home Stager in Florida

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