Create a Customized 12 Month Marketing Plan

This OTB Marketing Intensive is designed to have attendees complete their Marketing Plans in 10 easy steps. Participants will learn to create a 12 month marketing plan for their own business, with access to guidance of a OTB Certified Marketing Coach.

•10 Step Instruction & Coaching
•12 Month Marketing Planner
•Networking & Strategy Sessions

You will learn:

  • how to make more money in your small business
  • secrets to getting more referrals more often!
  • to increase your profit margin with existing clients
  • ways to set your business apart from your competition
  • how to identify + attract your IDEAL client
  • a 1 hour evaluation method to easily check your market­ing progress
  • to forecast how much money you will make next year
  • 10 powerful ways to save time and money in marketing your business
  • to set up a custom process to turn potential clients into existing ones!
  • a formula for creating CLEAR and ACTION driven marketing messages
  • to establish a step-by-step monthly marketing action plan

Your monthly marketing actions fit on 2 pages!! With the guidance of your Certified OTB Marketing Coach you will customize your own marketing plan, and itemize a step-by-step task list that fits into a manageable weekly workload. You set your own goals, your own hours and your own marketing budget, while your coach guides you into making sure your actions are impacting, balanced and viable.

Who Should Attend:
Small Business Owners who want a marketing plan to keep them focused each month, saving time and money with effective results for their marketing efforts. This marketing workshop is especially helpful to those who struggle with their marketing, don’t know how to attract more clients, and/or experienced business owners who want to take their business to the next level increasing their client base.

Note: If you are looking for one-on-one coaching – please book a free discovery call with me to discuss options.

Step One: B.E.Y.O.N.D. – Balance, Energy, Yield, Opportunities, Negatives & Differentiation.
Focusing on B.E.Y.O.N.D evaluation

–>To identify energy the strengths and opportunities to highlight in your marketing efforts.
–>To identify weakness and threats and turn them into opportunities.

Whenever you are stuck in your marketing, a B.E.Y.O.N.D evaluation will bring you back on track.
Recommended to complete no less than every three months. A B.E.Y.O.N.D. evalution can help a small business owner identify a shift in marketplace; such as economic changes, competition, company process, and often allows you to stay a leader in your field by adapting quickly to these changes.

Step Two: Evaluate Existing Marketing
One Thought Beyond Foundation Marketing Model

–>To evaluate your marketing foundation of your company.
–>Identify areas for improvement.
–>Set priorities for immediate actions & future goals to establish a stronger marketing foundation.

This marketing model has been a proven marketing model in small business for many years by Marketing Coach Angela Brooks-Osborne. In this step you will rate your company based on each area of this model. It will identify areas you need to work on in your marketing plan. The higher rating in each section of the model, the more profit you will make in your business.

Step Three: Establish Products & Services
Pricing & Packaging

–>To establish core services/products with descriptions & pricing
–> To assign importance based on enjoyment & profit return.
–> Evaluate existing products & services.

We revisit our products and service offerings because often we fall into adding them into our services based on client need and spontaneous opportunity. It is crucial to revisit often. To ensure we enjoy the work, we make money and that our core offerings fit our overall goals.

Step Four: Projections: Forecasting Your Potential Earnings in next 6-12 months.
Setting Your Financial Goals

–>Establish a financial goal for the year.
–> Determine viability based on core offerings unit price.
–> Look at the year in a glance, setting weekly and monthly goals.

Step Five: Identify Potential Clients
Attracting Ideal Clients

–> To identify your target market + their reasons for buying.
–> To establish a strategy on where the best places are to plant crops and what the call for action will be.

When you identify your ideal client; who could possibly benefit from your offerings, you can position yourself and your services properly. If you evaluate what motivates them to buy, when & where, what their challenges are, how you can best solve these challenges, then you can position yourself to be there, be an expert and be referred, easily attracting more clients.

Step Six: Positioning Yourself In Your Marketplace
What Type Of Business Do You Want?

–> Identify where in the market place you want to be.
–> Know what is important to reach that position.

This is a key step in creating your marketing plan. One that is often over looked. This step will determine many aspects of your business. For example…How much money you put into marketing, how much money you make for how many hours you invest, what type of clients you will attract and whether you will still love your business 3 years from now!

Step Seven: Planting Crops
How Will You Attract Clients?

–> To select 4-8 ways you will attract clients
–> Create call for actions to feed into nurturing programs

When you choose where you are going to plant your crops, know, to be effective you need to know the area inside out. For example, if you choose FB, you need to know how to set up groups, Fb ads, run FB campaigns, understand how to get engagement. ONLY choose places you know you will give it your all to learn to market effectively in.

Step Eight: Nurturing & Harvesting Clients
How will you follow up your leads?

–> Create a step by step process to nurture clients.
–> Establish or plan all materials needed to begin your marketing process immediately.

Create strong relationships with existing clients = loyal repeat clients who refer you! Build trust faster and avoid long sales processes. Less likely potential clients will shop around!
A strong marketing model foundation includes a great nurturing and harvesting program. The rule of thumb is 8-10 times before you know if the client is “just not that into you” …right now!

Step Nine: Marketing Plans V.S Marketing Campaigns
Create a Marketing Campaign

–> To understand the difference between a marketing plan and a marketing campaign.
–> Learn how to plan and execute a marketing campaign.

Step Ten: Plot Your Marketing Plan
Create a 6-12 Month Marketing Plan

–> To create a 2 page action plan per month.
–> To establish financial goals + place actions to reach targets
–> Schedule the whole month, avoid any reason NOT to execute your plan.

Note: If you are looking for one-on-one coaching – please book a free discovery call with me to discuss options.