Last year was really my first year of dipping my toes into video marketing. I have hosted many webinars over the years hiding behind a PowerPoint. The fear of putting myself on video, visible for the world to see, paralyzed me. Which is quite ironic as I have no problem getting up on stage in front of 100’s of people each year delivering an in-depth marketing message. Geting me in front of a camera, made me a mumbling buffoon.

I am pretty stubborn, and I know the power of video marketing. I was determined I was not going to let my fear hold me back from sharing on this platform. I know video would get my message to so many viewers faster than I could ever book enough events to cover. So, it started with a couple failed Facebook live attempts. I would make myself push that button on my iPhone, and just wing it. I pretended I was talking to a friend. It started to work. A little.

The challenge I had, was I didn’t know what to say when there really wasn’t someone there to engage with. So, it was that challenge, that made me think, what if I did have someone to engage? What if I gathered a few very smart, savvy women who had something to share with the same audience I did? So, I approached Bobbie McGrath of NC, Tracy Molendi of IL and Tori Toth of NY and they amazingly said yes to accompanying me down my path of video shame.

Wait, but it wasn’t that bad with company. It was actually quite fun, and a little addictive. I started to feel more comfortable on video sharing great tips and ideas with these talented ladies. So, the YouTube channel was born and the ONE THOUGHT BEYOND DISCUSSION on FB live became a weekly Wednesday night event. Last year, I kept it very private in my two closed private FB groups; Home Stagers and For New Home Stagers.

This year, after signing up for Tori Toth’s Video Visibility Course… (I am still working my way through this intensive program. It’s amazing!) I thought it was time to up the game and take the training wheels off. We are back at it, with special guests each week, and no longer is our show private. We had our first show with this new format last night.

The exposure was fantastic! Tori, Bobbie, Tracy and I, had special guest Linda Brown – Check It Out Here!

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