Group Coaching

Monthly Support – Affordable Solutions

Want direction and marketing information to take your staging and/or decorating business to the next level? Find it hard to commit financially to a marketing coach? However, you could use some inspiration, to get your motivation juices flowing?   Or do you keep running into marketing and business challenges you could use the advice of a marketing expert to overcome?

Did you know a marketing coach is $150/hr. However, when you pool with other stagers you can have access to a marketing coach for as little as $5/hr*

In this marketing coaching group program you will have the opportunity to:

  • Ask marketing and business questions weekly. Your marketing coach will answer them every week on a recorded video call. 
  • Gain peer support, with access to a private forum, were you can mastermind daily with fellow serious stagers and decorators.
  • Participate in other marketing programs with discounts and specials exclusively for GC Members.  

*with a commitment of a monthly subscription $20/month. 


Weekly Group Marketing Coaching Sessions

–>To get advice and direction to overcome weekly marketing and business challenges with marketing coach

GC Members will send their questions to coach, where each week, they will be asnwered and discussed on recorded video. Live attendees can ask additional questions and participate in chat. Members who can’t make it, can access and watch at their own leisure. 

Group Forum

–>To mastermind with peer support

Through out the week, business and marketing resources, tips and information will be shared in a private forum. 


Private Forum

–>To support your pricing with added value and trust building blocks
–>To make your package offerings so great, they would be crazy not to hire you!

We will explore what makes us different, what we have to offer that others do not. How we can use these things to compete with those in our industry charging less than we are. We will also learn to prove our claims with trust building blocks. When we build the trust, the sale comes faster and easier.

Program Privileges

–>advantages to membership commitment

Discounts and Special Programs, for GC members will be available. 

I have been there. Needed a service or resource to take my business to the next level, but needed to make the money to do it first. As much as people say you need to invest in your business to make money, I also believe sometimes, there just needs to be an alternative option; a stepping stone. My Group Coaching Program is the solution. Join us… take the step… it all begins with just one.  

~ Angela xox